You are born with an inner light. A glow. You’re still sparkly, but like a lightbulb covered in dust, you might not feel or appear radiant. If you don’t feel happy or excited about life right now, it means that your sparkle has been dimmed, and it’s time to rekindle your sparkle.

Doreen Virtue, best-selling author of 

Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to Be Loving Instead of “Too Nice” presents:

How to Break Free of Drama and Negativity

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

Are you tired of all the drama in your life?  

Do you often experience relationships that are difficult, challenging and cause a lot of stress?  

Have you tried to break free from toxic relationships only to find yourself with the same types of people and with the same recurring patterns?  

Or do you have friends or family members who leave you feeling hurt and angry?   

It’s time to say goodbye to drama and negativity!

Doreen Virtue, prolific best-selling Hay House author who holds three degrees in Counseling Psychology, understands on a personal level how we can get drawn into a drama cycle. She also knows first-hand how sensitive people are more likely to have trouble saying “no” to toxic relationships – as sensitive people often worry or feel bad about hurting other people’s feelings. She has learned through her experience and her extensive training that there are psychological and physiological reasons we get trapped in stress-drama cycles that leave us feeling depleted and disconnected from ourselves and others.  

In this uplifting and informative book, you’ll learn how to:

An uplifting guide to regain your sparkle… because when you sparkle, you inspire!

Go from self-blame to self-worth 

Stop the stress-drama cycle 

Spot and avoid drama-addicted people 

Hear and follow your inner warning system 

Connect with others in a healthy way 

Be yourself with your family members 

Deal with family members when their actions trigger hurt feelings 

Keep your adult identity during family visits 

Foster friendships 

Eat to regain your sparkle 

Spark romantic relationships 

Break-free from addictive relationships 

Heal addictions 

Doreen explains why we are addicted to drama, how our past traumas lead to high-drama lives and how, ultimately, we have the choice to break-free from these patterns and live a life that reflects our divine sparkle. 

This book is a call to engage in detective work to help you recover your beautiful sparkle and everything that goes with it: happiness, health, peace, abundance and high self-esteem.

Clear away upsetting thoughts and emotions with the loving help of the archangels and your guardian angels during this powerful healing instructional lecture. Doreen will gently guide you through Angel Therapy™ processes to release old anger, emotional wounds, or painful feelings. You’ll work with Archangel Michael, Raphael, and other healing angels to release anything that may be blocking you from your life’s purpose, peace of mind, and manifestations.

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Deep Emotional Detox with the Healing Power of the Angels



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Three incredible and supportive bonuses to help you regain your sparkle and rejuvenate your life at home and the workplace.

Your Drama Quotient is your willingness to allow stress to rule your life. You do have the choice of whether you say yes or no to stress.


How much drama do you tolerate? 

How much do you “hook into” other people’s drama? 

Do you know the difference between drama-based rescuing and genuinely helping someone in need? 

Do you attract your own drama? 

Why should you know your drama quotient? Because drama, stress, and pushing yourself beyond your limits is dangerously unhealthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Let’s assess your personal Drama Quotient to help answer these questions: 

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle will help you understand why drama always seems to find you and how to develop healthy, loving and supportive relationships. By recognizing your patterns, you’ll be able to fully understand and change your actions so that your sparkle can shine through.


Your experiences with negativity and drama can be highly addictive patterns, with a physiological basis. That’s right! Your brain and body may be hooked on stressful experiences that dull your light.

Drama is a form of self-sabotage and self-punishment that is highly addictive. Even if you protest that you can’t stand drama, there are “secondary gain” rewards of involving yourself in dramatic situations and relationships, such as:

Receiving sympathy and other forms of attention from others

Focusing upon someone else’s issues instead of your own

Giving yourself a great excuse to procrastinate

Feeling needed, either by rescuing others or being rescued

The key to healing from trauma and regaining your sparkle in life lies in understanding the link between drama and trauma and discovering and breaking your patterns so that you can let your inner sparkle shine.


In Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle, Doreen will teach you natural, active coping measures you break free from drama. One example of these tools is how to do a Drama Detox.

Watching stressful movies or television programs 
Reading stressful news stories 
Interacting with stressful online social-media “friends” 
Associating with people who trigger drama in you or near you 
Overspending (debt is stressful) 
Overfilling your schedule (being too busy is stressful) 
Abusing alcohol or drugs 
Playing violent video games 
Listening to aggressive music 
Consuming high-histamine foods and beverages 
Consuming caffeine, nicotine, or other anxiety-producing stimulants 
Saying yes when you really want to say no 
Procrastinating and getting behind schedule 
Reading celebrity-gossip magazines (they encourage the addiction to drama)

  1. Once you begin your Drama Detox, take it one minute at a time. This means that you focus upon your behaviors in the present moment, instead of worrying how you will abstain tomorrow. You tell yourself: Right this moment, I choose to abstain from _____ [describe the stressor you’re detoxing from]. Notice how you feel as you’re detoxing compared with how you felt during dramatic moments.

  2. Have alternative plans for those moments when you crave drama. Every addiction involves dealing with cravings in the beginning. To avoid a relapse, it’s essential to have replacement healthful behaviors available, such as: 

As you can see, there are many healthful replacements for drama—and they are more fun and satisfying than drama, too! Have patience with the process of replacing old unhealthful cravings with your new healthful lifestyle choices. Any progress you make in the direction of health is positive and something to feel very good about.

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle is for anyone who is tired of being pulled into the stress-drama cycle and who is ready for a journey of self-discovery into the deepest recesses of the soul for a rekindling of the sparkle that is within each and every one of us.

In 5 simple steps, you’ll be guided through a drama detox to get you on the path of stress-free and drama-free living! Once you understand how you may be choosing drama (even when you think you aren’t), you’ll learn the specific steps to create new behaviors that foster good feelings, more balanced relationships and a lot less stress.

  1. Set a date when you’ll begin your Drama Detox. Commit to it by writing it in ink on your physical calendar and by adding it to your online or cell-phone calendar.

  2. Decide on the length of time for your Drama Detox. Be realistic so that you don’t set yourself up for disappointment. A good detox period in the beginning is three days. If all goes well, you can increase the amount of time.

  3. Make a list of all of the drama patterns you are willing to abstain from. For example, you may decide to abstain from one or more of these stressors: 





Calling a trustworthy friend, counselor, or 12-step sponsor 
Journaling about your feelings in a diary or computer Word document (you can always erase it later for privacy) 
Trading stress for stretching (lie down on the floor with a yoga mat or towel, and turn on a free
gentle yoga class on YouTube) 
Going outside for a nature walk, or gardening 
Cuddling with a pet 
Doing something artistic and creative 
Engaging in a spiritual practice (for example, prayer, meditation, or attending a spiritual gathering) 
Cleaning out clutter and donating unwanted goods 
Listening to relaxing music 
Taking a warm sea-salt bath 
Getting a massage 


Praise for Assertiveness For Earth Angels

– Agnes O.

Your book and the message of assertiveness has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Thank you so much for writing this book. I have been the kind of girl who was always in the veil of niceness and used to hiding my true emotions and feelings. In order to make others happy, I used to compromise and it used to hurt so much, I used to cry inside and smile outside so that others wouldn’t come to know about my sufferings and problems. I created a cage for myself and locked me inside and even threw the key somewhere I didn't know until I read your book, Assertiveness for Earth Angels. These lessons of assertiveness have really changed my life. Now I know my boundaries and don't allow narcissist people to cross over them. Moreover, I have learnt the secret to happiness which is just be your true self and be with the present moment, let the past go, let GOD be in-charge of the situation and no worries about the future. Thank you Doreen for inspiring me and helping me to find myself again.

– Aarti V.

This book helped me enormously with my self-confidence and assertiveness with other people in my life and especially my family. As you feel with family sometimes, it’s hard to say no, but with this amazing book, I felt good about not always saying yes and not feeling guilty about it but positive and confident in myself and saying the right thing without hurting anyone s feelings. Loved the book.

WOW! This book is EXACTLY what I needed. Once again Doreen gets right to the point and helps us in her gentle, truthful ways. I am always the one to hold my tongue to avoid conflict. But, Doreen gives me the tools I need to express my true feelings and empower myself to live my one and only life. I really will use these incredible lessons to confront adverse situations and free myself of toxic people. Doreen is truly my guardian angel guiding my path!

–Marcia P.

– Mary M.

Doreen Virtue's book Assertiveness for Earth Angels helped me to realize that assertiveness comes from a place of love; for others as well as self. It helped me set boundaries and be very clear about what my needs are while maintaining a loving and supportive attitude.

A close friend lent me Assertiveness for Earth Angels and for two weeks I carried it around in my bag getting it out and soaking up its beautiful truths every opportunity I could. I found myself communicating with my nearest and dearest things that I had kept close for fear of hurting their feelings but at a huge emotional cost to me. I'm so very grateful for both my beautiful friend and this beautiful book which came at just the right time. Now 12 months later, I can still remember and have used so many of these easy to apply truths in so many situations. It's amazing that we can be so clever at hiding such simple truths from ourselves but such a gift to find that it's easy enough to remember how to speak up with the right loving reminders. Thank You for this very special book!

Assertiveness for Earth Angels changed my life! Doreen's book helped me set healthy boundaries not only for my sake but also for others as well. These two practices have led to me to changing my life for the better. I feel my intuition has grown, I know more clearly when I need Angelic or divine help or healing. I can request help for people all over the world when I see instances of trauma or need.

Assertiveness for Earth Angels has helped me a lot in regards to knowing what to do in the situation I was in at the time. I felt it was written “just for me”. It helped put things in focus as when you are in the middle of the forest you can’t see the trees! After reading this book, I have kept it to go back and read it again and again to remind myself to stay on the right path.

 – Christine B.

–Janet K.

Doreen writes from a place of deep understanding of the soul and so is able to gently guide you into a place where the earth angel can protect this loving caring nature but also stand firm and understand that staying in your own power is really what assertiveness is. Recommended for all earth Angels out there and anyone who finds it difficult to say no.

– Amy K. 

 –Carolann V.

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